Why is my domain name in quarantine? How can I restore it?

Learn about issues with your .eu, .ею, or .ευ website, transferring your domain with requesting an authorization code, and the process for renewing or deleting your domain name.

Your domain name is in quarantine because it has been deleted. Domain names enter into quarantine for 40 days, but may be reactivated at any point during this period. Please note that during the quarantine period, websites or email addresses attached quarantined domain names will no longer work. Once the quarantine period has passed, the domain name is re-released for registration. This means that it can be registered by someone else on a first-come, first-served basis. Look up the domain name in the WHOIS search box to view its release date.

To reactivate your domain name before the end of its quarantine period, please contact your registrar. Alternatively, you may transfer your domain to a new registrar who will reactivate your domain name. Please consult your registrar about the related costs.


A domain name may be deleted for any of the following three reasons:


- The domain name holder no longer wants the name. In this case, the 40-day quarantine serves as a cooling off period. The name may still be reactivated within the quarantine period if the domain name holder changes their mind.

- The domain name holder has not paid the renewal fee and their registrar has been forced to delete the name due to outstanding payments. After 40 days in quarantine, the domain name will be re-released for general registration on a first-come, first-served basis, unless the holder chooses to reactivate it within this period.

- The domain name has been revoked by EURid because the domain name holder did not meet the eligibility criteria. Revoked domain names can only be reactivated by EURid.

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