I don't want my domain name anymore. What now?

Learn about issues with your .eu, .ею, or .ευ website, transferring your domain with requesting an authorization code, and the process for renewing or deleting your domain name.

If you no longer want your domain name, you may transfer it to someone else, or ask to have it deleted. Deleting your domain name means that it and all associated details (such as your name and address, etc), are erased from our web-based WHOIS. Contact your registrar to delete your domain name.


When deleted, a domain name spends 40 days in quarantine. This quarantine period functions as a cooling-off period so that you can restore your domain name if you change your mind, or if the domain name was deleted inadvertently. Once the quarantine period has passed, the domain name is re-released for registration. This means that it can be registered by someone else on a first-come, first-served basis.


Please note that, according to our Privacy Policy, your personal data will no longer be visible on the web-based WHOIS after the domain name has been released from quarantine. We will, however, keep the data on file for ten years, in the event that it is required for the purposes of legal defense, in accordance with Belgian law.



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